Devil’s Stone, Rejčkov

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The five-meter-high moss and lichen-covered granite rock had always attracted the attention of everyone, as long as they woke their imagination until the legend was born. The old legend tells of a rich but lazy farmer from Rejčkov, who once plowed the field was sent to work for the devil and instead of plowing, rolled on the border until he fell asleep. When he woke up, the field was perfectly plowed, and the devil stood beside him. The devil undertook his soul and allowed the farmer to spend the remaining 10 years of his life in his field. Time passed like water in Sazava and the slacker did not want to go to hell. So he and his wife put their heads together, and when the devil was supposed to come for the farmer, the cunning man sprinkled the whole house with holy water so the devil couldn’t enter. Of course, the devil wanted to take revenge and flew to Žebrák’s quarry. There he gathered huge granite boulders into the sack to fill the farmer’s field and headed back to Rejčkov. But in the Spruce Mill the rooster started to crow, the devil began to lose strength and stones had to sprinkle. And so was created Creature and this Devil’s Stone. Interestingly, the stone itself is often reminiscent of the devil’s head.