Stvořidla, Smrčná u Ledče n. S.

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Hoši od Bobří River and Jestřáb Jaroslav Foglar, dense forests and Sunny Bay. Though mainly the river Sázava is meandering through the deep valley. Hundreds of granite boulders, supposedly thrown by the devil, smoothed into predatory shapes by the predatory river. A painted romance. A paradise for paddlers, juniors, tourists, cyclists, but also a home for lots of protected plants and animals. Plus the epic Posázavský pacific creatively bewitched the famous writer Jaroslav Foglar, who rode 20 years with the oldest scout camp Pražská Dvojka. The author of Fast Arrows regularly built a junior camp on pastures in the Sunny Bay. This is where the Hoši od Bobří River and the Scouts’ lifelong admiration were born. And the Jestřáb has them all under his control to this day – in honor of him, they built a monument here in 1997.