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Beer is our hobby, so we have it perfectly treated. For those who like unusual tastes, you will surely find yours in our pivotéka.


Non-alcoholic beers


Koutská vinotéka

….something special for connoisseurs of good wines.

We are honored and delighted to offer you this magnificent wine collection from professor, organist and, above all, the winemaker Václav Ovčák. Every year his wines garner awards at world competitions and only a few restaurants can offer them in the Czech Republic. All wines come from a family winery, which is located in the wine-growing sub-region in the village Velehrad. All wines are produced as part of integrated production, where no chemicals are used. Only oak barrels are used to ripen all the wines of the winery.

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Catering price list

Breakfast            149 CZK

Lunch                   169 CZK

Dinner                  139 CZK

Coffee break       139 CZK

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Phone: +420 569 738 121 / +420 702 037 696

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We honor the traditional Czech recipes, but we are open to all varied cuisines. Therefore, it is in our power but also a joy to prepare meals according to your specific requirements.