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29. 6. 2019

Musical evening with barbecue


2.-5. 5. 2019

Stay with initiation into the secrets of hardening


Instructions for safe and effective cooling of the cold-wiping in icy water.
Introduction to breathing techniques.
Barefoot hiking
Techniques of concentration, recognition and resolution of crisis situations.
Basics of orientation in the inner landscape (mind setting)
How to master ego, conflict, forgive and accept? Sensitive step, posture.
Djembe drummer with experienced musician

Martin Thám


I like to accompany people in transformation processes. I recognize the possibilities of body and mind, release mental and physical blocks and pass on my experience to others.

I see a lot of potential in the Wim Hof method, as in people. Life gave me a lesson in which I realized that it was my responsibility to live confidently and ask myself how I could help. I love to put energy into sharing my own experiences with others.

This lifestyle makes sense to me and I enjoy it. It is up to me whether I will be swept away by a wave of fear and laziness or be inspired by love. Because I do not know when my life will end in this form, I live today, now and as best I can.