24. – 26. 4. 2020

Weekend with yoga and African dance

What awaits you?

Yoga and aphrodance complement each other perfectly. Yoga calms a person, sets him on the path to himself, aphrodisiac helps him to get rid of everything that already hinders him. It’s just like Yin and Yang. Inhale, exhale.

African dance is the origin of all dances. Certain earthness, the energy that will accompany you for a few more days is incredible.

African dance would not be an African dance without live accompaniment. We are lucky that one of the best drummers we have in the Czech Republic, namely Papis Nyass, will come to the forests of Nook. He comes from Gambia, but has lived in the Czech Republic for 20 years. And he won’t only bring one drum. He always carries djembe, dunduns, so whoever wants to play something will surely find some instruments for themselves. African dance will definitely get you!

Dance will be taught with ease by Karolína Tou-Jou Chudobová, a dancer of the music and dance group Ba-To-Cu.

Karolina Tou-Jou Chudobova

Yoga practice has led me to discover that the most important thing is to be myself, to be open to everything that is about to come.

20 years ago I was in a power yoga class for the first time. Despite fear of boredom, I was pleasantly surprised and caught interest. I loved Power Yoga. Soon 10 years of discovery of different styles and lecturers followed after. Then I decided to move my knowledge to the instructor level. I became a lecturer. I have been teaching lessons for almost 10 years but still learning. Although I started with more dynamic styles, I am now more interested in depth and thus more quiet styles. Part of the lessons are breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation, I also include elements of aromatherapy, music therapy and massage.

I like to give my hand to absolute beginners who are often unsure whether the positions are right. Sometimes they go to yoga out of curiosity or because it’s included in their program. I am all the happier at the end of the lesson when I see that they really enjoyed it and are sure they will come again.

Styles I use: Power Yoga, Vinjasa Flow Yoga, Gravid Yoga, Aero-Yoga, Teens Yoga, Children's Yoga, Hot-Yoga, Emotional Yoga, Organ Yoga

Price list

One-week period Yoga in the silence of nature 3,900 CZK including accommodation and meals.

Contact for reservations:

Tel: +420 569 738 121 

We open on Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00.
Outside this time you can contact us by email and we will respond within 24 hours.