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The hotel has 22 rooms with private shower and toilet. We offer comfortable accommodation in 58 beds including extra beds. Hotel Kouty is situated in its own ten-hectare natural area with one of the cleanest ponds in the area and surrounded by a truly beautiful corner of unspoiled nature. The picturesque valley with a stream, ponds, pastures and fields are dominated by Melechov Hill (715 m), covered with a massive forest massif with many magical places and ancient energy used by the ancient Celts. The clean environment – sun, water, air, rocks, meadows and forests – all in conjunction with the magic of nature – offers ideal conditions for rest and regeneration of physical and mental forces.

  • The area offers 100,000 m² of calm and freely follows the surrounding forests and meadows.
  • The hotel is surrounded by forests, meadows and a trout pond.
  • There are no busy roads nearby.

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