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It is a conical Indian teepee, which is in perfect harmony with nature and offers exceptionally stylish and romantic accommodation. The word itself comes from Lakota and its original meaning is simply "dwelling".

Here in Kouty, we have built one such Teepee just for you!

You can experience unforgettable moments of beautiful days fully in harmony with nature in our Vysočina region with your children, family, or friends.

We have prepared a unique opportunity for you to return to childhood with your children and become real Indians, at least for a moment, as you know them. Maybe you'll be Winnetou, Old Shatterhand, or Nscho-tschi?

For your comfort, we have prepared comfortable accommodation for 4 people in the Teepee, where you can spend moments full of relaxation and comfort from spring to autumn. The bathroom facilities are ecological and fully in harmony with nature.

Our Teepee is an exceptional opportunity to spend a carefree holiday/weekend in nature with your family. We will take care of everything, including the option of dining in our restaurant. We can prepare a basket full of our delicacies or breakfast for you.

Near the Teepee, you will find a natural corner with a bench where you can sit, lie down, or relax according to your wishes from sunrise to sunset. The surrounding meadow full of insects and butterflies invites you directly. This is exactly the place where they say the foxes bid goodnight. Maybe you'll even see one, who knows?

And who wouldn't want to take a walk in the morning dew, stop for a moment, and feel their body. Simple relaxation from everyday worries. The evening sky filled with stars is a beautiful sight. How simple, yet unique.